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It's What's Inside That Counts



What is SimpleSense?  An idea centered on simple (raw, unprocessed) foods.  Our product lines include Raw Bites which are easy and convenient for the on-the-go individual, Raw Cookies which are best enjoyed with a cup of coffee, and Raw Cakes for the indulgent moments. Our savory line is just beginning with our Sunflower Goji Crackers.

We use plant foods in their raw state because they contain vast quantities of natural enzymes. Using our holistic approach we create healthy snacks infused with natures superfoods all while being environmentally conscious.  We source herbs, plants and fruits from around the world that have been recognized for their healing effects. Staying true to our beliefs we work with companies that are fair trade, knowing our choices effect others. 

always vegan & Gluten free 

Friends not food.  No bees, no cows and or other farm friends have been harmed in the making of any products.

We use biodegradable and compostable products whenever possible, and all attempts have been made to keep our carbon footprint low.

Please recycle.